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The Barton Chronicle Gets It Right!

It was a chilly, rainy night in my old stomping grounds of Newport, Vermont on April 7th, but a small gathering of dear old friends came out to hear about my new book. The Chronicle, an excellent weekly paper based in the little Northeast Kingdom town of Barton, sent a new young reporter who asked a few probing questions; I had already sent them a review copy. This is the neighborhood where a few of my stories unfolded - especially the one about organizing a farmers market back in 1975, when the town fathers didn't want "that kind of people" hanging around -- and 40+ years later, the Newport Farmers Market is touted as a harbinger of the "good food revolution" that is reinvigorating the economy of this economically struggling corner of the state.

I have uploaded the whole 4-page spread. Thank you, Tena Starr and Jef Barker!


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